No-nonsense IT, but with transparency and attention

Both for today and tomorrow

As an IT colleague, NCore will focus on the organization. By putting ourselves in our customers' shoes and speaking the same technical language, we can present IT solutions that work, with commitment and a personal approach. Together with our customers we will discuss what their needs are and how to achieve them. No trendy solutions with vague terminology, but a robust system that meets your needs today and can be adapted for tomorrow. We take IT back to its essence: technology that contributes to your success. 

Our strength in IT

Where we excel in

  • Stability

    Working stress-free? We build, manage, support and secure your IT environment. To provide you with a reliable, safe and up-to-date IT network.

  • Commitment

    With our passion for technology and helping people, we will find out what works best for you. We are committed, give input and advice and offer solutions that we believe in.

  • Transparency

    No vague terminology for us, but transparency and clarity. We listen and watch and we design and build an IT environment which suits your specific requirements and needs. We keep our feet firmly on the ground.


  • Management & Support

    Every IT environment needs management and support. Which we will provide for you. 

  • Hardware & Infrastructure

    We supply and install all required hardware, software and network infrastructure for your employees. 

  • Cloud Services & Security

    We offer various cloud and security solutions. Depending on your needs. 

Huub Sleegers | Directeur van Sleegers Technique

“A long-standing cooperation"

Sleegers Technique has been working with NCore since 1998. During this time the technology behind the internet and mobile phones has changed a great deal. NCore has guided Sleegers Technique from the beginning by providing all necessary IT solutions

Huub Sleegers | Directeur van Sleegers Technique